Grand Erie District School Board Occasional Teachers

Status and Equity


and Equity workshops




Workshop & Description

Friday November 10th

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Crock A Doodle

299 Wayne Gretzy Parkway

Brantford, ON N3R 7J5

This year we are excited to offer an evening at Crock A Doodle! On Friday, November 10th, December 2, 2016 we will be meeting at 6:00 to have some fun painting your choice of ceramic item. The Local will cover any item up to $25. You can choose any item you would like but keep in mind that you will be responsible for any additional cost. This event is open to all members but is capped at 20 members. Please feel free to drop into Crock A Doodle in advance to see all of the available options and check them out online at crockadoodle Brantford. You can also come up with ideas on Pinterest. This event is for women only.


Also watch for Women's Self Defense coming in the New Year!


Proud Rainbow Voices

Ontario Network for LGBTTQ Educators

You are invited to participate in the first network for LGBTTQ educators of Ontario. This is a safe, supportive inviting forum to share and discuss triumphs/challenges in addressing LGBTTTQ issues in our workplace. This network is open to all educators that self-identify as LGBTTQ and work in the Education field (e.g., Elementary, Secondary, Public, Catholic, Private, College, University, Separate, Montessori and Home School).

Research states that 1 in 10 identify as LGBTTIQ. This means that many of our colleagues identify as LGBTTQ, we exist! However, we often feel alone and unsupported.

As professionals we come across many challenges that allow us to either “stay in the closet” or allow us to shout out proudly “I am who I am”. The question of coming out to our students, colleagues, parents often goes through our minds. We wonder about our personal safety, fear of losing our job and the ramifications this may have on our colleagues, friends and family.

Proud Rainbow Voices is a unique network that will bring us together to share our knowledge and expertise. This forum will give us strategies, support and strength to help us have a 'proud' voice in addressing LGBTTQ issues.

The purpose of this forum is to:

  • To interact and provide support with other professionals who share our common issues
  • To gain resources and ideas in dealing with homophobia in our schools
  • To educate ourselves and the community in addressing LGBTTQ issues

If you are interested in Rainbow Voices, please email Lauren Chapple at