Grand Erie District School Board Occasional Teachers

Local Tentative Deal

Local Tentative Deal


1. 8 hours of daily credit for EI purposes (up from 7 hours)

2. ETFO address updated

3. Humanity Fund deduction changes from 10 cents daily to a comparable percentage of earnings (gross salary x .0004)

4. Consultations with Board prior to payroll deduction changes

5. Single Union representative at most discipline meetings

6. Advance notice required by HR to view personnel files

7. Charges for copi es of personnel file materials in excess of 25 pages

8. Copies automatically received of any adverse material placed in personnel file

9. Disciplinary documents and letters of expectation removed upon request after the latter of 2 years or 200 days if no further similar disciplinary action

10. Collective Agreement available on line – no paper copies

11. Roster available September 30 and April 30

12. LTO List available October 15 and February 15

13. ALL old references to “list” changed to “Roster”

14. Must work at least 15 FTE days in a 5 month period during the school year

15. Union notified when members are removed from the Roster

16. Notification of opportunity/desire to continue on the Roster for the next school year becomes entirely electronic (no mail - out)

17. Contact information (name, address, phone number) must be kept accurate – 21 calendar days to notify Board of changes to prevent removal from Roster

18. Adjustments for overpayment/underpayment retroactive to one school year prior to H R’s determination of the error. Reasonable repayment plans with Union notified.

19. Half day assignments shall be for the morning OR afternoon.

20. Full day of pay for late calls if arrive within 30 minutes of the start time of the assignment.

21. Two hours minimum notice of cancellation of any assignment. Members must answer phones/check voicemail messages.

22. Article 18, “Leaves” change references to “Director” , to Superintendent of Education responsible for HR.

23. President’s role treated as an LTO 24. Union signature only required for grievance/arbitration

25. PL funds from Board raised from $3000 to $5000, for a $2000 gain

26. OT may voluntarily attend Board in - service IF space is available

27. Letters of Understanding #2 and #3 deleted (A DS mandatory review and mass hiring 2008 - 10)


A letter was given to the Board varying a few specific aspects of Hiring Regulation 274 for the duration of this collective agreement:

1. Assignments of less than 30 days will not be posted.

2. Job postings shall b e a minimum of 4 days.

3. OT’s in full - time LTO assignments may only apply to another LTO which begins after their current assignment’s end date.

GEDSBOT Tentative Local Agreement 2014 - 2017