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Elayne Wardell, Goodwill Chair

I have held this position for 4 years now.  I also convass for Heart and Stroke and volunteer at two different functions for the Cancer Society.  My husband and I belong to the Blue Knights which is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.  We have traveled to numerous States on the bike with two other couples.  We took a trip to the East coast, into Maine and back to Ontario.  On that trip, I ended up riding the motorcycle back from the East coast because a family member in one of our other couples necessitated them flying home.  So, two couples and three bikes; the rest of the story is history! 

My summers are spent at the cottage with our grandchildren.  We swim, kayak, canoe, fish and pick wild berries for jam.  I also enjoy preserving and baking.  Gardening is another favourite pastime of mine.  The family is after me to s-l-o-w down, but I want to keep doing what I am doing and enjoying, for as long as I can.



Amanda Baxter, VP

My name is Amanda Baxter.  I am your Local Vice President, Social Justice and Equity/Status of Women Chairperson.  I have been a member of the Local Executive since 2008 and have served the membership in various roles since then.  I became the Local Vice President in 2010.  I have also served as the Local Secretary and Treasurer when they became vacant for various reasons and lengths of time.  I have been an Occasional Teacher with Grand Erie since October 2003.  I started attending the Local’s General Meetings fairly early on in my career as an Occasional Teacher and attended my first Provincial Annual Meeting in August of 2007.  That was when I became hooked on the union and it’s intricacies and I have been serving as one of our Local’s Delegates since the 2007 Annual Meeting. 

I attended Nipissing University in North Bay for both my Undergraduate Degree (Sociology) and my Bachelor of Education.  Since then I have completed my Special Education Part 1 as well as my Education Law AQ.  I regularly attend bi-annual meetings in Toronto for the Status of Women Chairs.  I have also been attending the Provincial Training that is offered for Health and Safety Chairs.  I have completed my Basic and Site Specific Health and Safety Training and sit on the Special Education Health and Safety Focus Group which meets every other month throughout the school year and consists of members from each Bargaining Group as well as Board staff.  I am also a graduate of ETFO Provincial’s Union School, class of 2012.  

I am always looking for opportunities to further my education with the Union.  I attend yearly Professional Relations training which focus varies from items such as assisting members with Pregnancy Leave applications, Allegations, Collective Bargaining, etc.  I have been attending the Spring Provincial Occasional Teacher Meetings since 2008 and greatly enjoy meeting with other Provincial Occasional Teacher Presidents, Vice Presidents and other Executive members.  I have in the past had the opportunity to attend Discipline Meetings with President Kevin. 

I have had the privilege of working on the Boys’ Conference Committee for the past six years, a joint initiative with the Grand Erie Elementary Teachers’ Local and the Grand Erie District School Board’s Safe Schools Committee.  I have Chaired this Committee for the past four years.  This amazing program brings grade seven and eight boys from three different schools (one from each county) together for a full day of programming to learn about Healthy Masculinity and Equal Healthy Relationships.  I also run Local Status of Women and Social Justice and Equity Workshops for our membership such as “Social Justice Begins with Me,” “Everyone is Able,” and “Be Aware, Prepare, Educate.”    
On a daily basis aside from Occasional Teaching and serving the Local Membership I am a mother of four amazing children.  I have a set of ten year old twin boys, Gabriel and Samuel as well as two daughters Audrey who is eight and Abigail who is six.  I along with my husband, Josh, who is a Registered Nurse, love to take our children on interior camping adventures in Algonquin and Massasauga Provincial Parks.  We also enjoy going on long hikes with our children and our dog, Willie. 

Corey Maxted, Constitution, Political Action and Collective Bargaining Committee Chair

My name is Corey Maxted.  I am your Constitution, Political Action and Collective Bargaining Chair on the Executive Committee. I have been a member of the executive committee since 2012; my first position was Constitution Chair. I have been an occasional teacher with the Grand Erie DSB since November 2008 (7 years). In 2010, I began attending union meetings, and at one of those meetings, I asked to volunteer as a member of the Collective Bargaining Committee during the last round of negotiations. I currently teach in all areas of the Board, and have my Primary/Junior and Library Part 1 qualifications.

While serving as a Collective Bargaining Committee member, I participated in one bargaining session where I, along with the other committee members and chair, helped develop our bargaining package. When our Collective Bargaining Chair left, I assumed the role until May, 2014, when I was elected to the position. Since then, we have begun a new round of local bargaining negotiations with the Board. As well, I have attended several different ETFO training sessions on Collective Bargaining.

In my role as Political Action Chair, I attend monthly meetings with the GEETF Political Action Committee. I have participated in some joint events, such as Education Week and meetings with the trustees. I have also attended Canadian Labour Council meetings in Hamilton on Election Planning. Most recently, I attended the Ontario Federation of Labour general meeting in November, 2015. I have participated in several different political action movements, including the march on Queens Park in 2012.  Also, I operate the GEDSBOT Facebook group.

As Constitution Chair, I have familiarized myself with the document over the past few years. When members need clarification, they come to me. I have brought changes to many meetings, including, most recently, the May Meeting of 2015, where a complete overhaul of the constitution was concluded.

Before teaching, I attended Trent University in Peterborough. I majored in History from 2003 – 2007. In 2007 – 2008, I attended Lakehead University, were I obtained my B.ED.

One passion of mine has always been acting. I attended classes at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton for several years during my teens and took drama in University as well.  Finally, I have two cats named Lola and Moxy to help me look after my husband Al who is an occasional library technician with Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.



Kevin Utley, President

I am Kevin Utley, your local ETFO president since 2011.  Before taking on this responsibility, I served on your local Executive for nine years as Collective Bargaining Chair, Vice-President and as a Member at Large.  In my seventeen years as an Occasional Teacher with Grand Erie, I have taught in 51 of our 60 elementary schools and completed eleven long-term assignments at nine different schools in all three counties of our Board, in grade 6, primary preparation time and French as a second language.  As your President, I serve on three regular Grand Erie Board Committees:  Compensatory Education, the Wellness Committee, and Communications and Public Relations. 

During the last seven years, I have participated in all leadership and training opportunities offered by ETFO Provincial, including Presidents’ training, Professional Relations training and Bargaining training.  Since 2011, I have been your representative at each ETFO Representative Council and at the provincial Annual Meetings.    I work closely provincially and regionally (Golden Horseshoe area) with other Occasional Teacher Leaders to advocate for Occasional Teacher needs.  I have served on the ETFO Humanity Fund Board of Directors for the past two years.  I am a graduate of the first Union School, held in 2007.  Currently, I am a participant in the brand new Collective Bargaining Academy.

I am also your Chief Negotiator.  I served as Collective Bargaining Chair for two rounds of bargaining alongside my predecessor Ralph Savage.  I am currently representing you at the local bargaining table, leading your collective bargaining team of four members.

My adeptness with technology has permitted me to also serve as your website co-ordinator.  Since assuming this role three years ago, I have been able to keep the information on the site much more current and hopefully helpful.

My professional training includes a degree in Social Work, with experience in Family and Children’s Services and Youth Justice/Probation.  This background greatly assists me in successfully working with both members and Board personnel, particularly in the areas of communication, assessment, goal setting, mediation and problem solving.  I would say my greatest skills were in collecting, analysing, organizing and presenting information, both orally and in writing.  Again my familiarity with software like Mail Chimp, Dream Weaver and Office are significant assets.

On a personal note, I enjoy reading historical fiction books.   I also enjoy traveling and camping with my trailer.  Hiking and visiting historic sites are favourite pass times when traveling.


Board Dispatchers

  • The board has now gone to the automated dispatch system. (ADS)
  • Please contact Gemma at 18885488878, extension 281168 between 7 am and 3:15 pm with ADS issues.