Grand Erie District School Board Occasional Teachers


Membership Meetings


Please check back for future events!

Our Annual Meeting will be held at the Best Western Brantford Hotel and Conference Centre,19 Holiday Drive and will include Kirby's Buffet for supper.

Wednesday, Nov 29th, 2017 at 4:30 PM

We would love to see you!

Good food, socializing, prizes.

Escape with GEDSBOT

Saturday November 18th.

Event takes Place at Escape Room in Brantford

You have your choice of two puzzles to solve.


You’ve been hired to convince Lady Evelyn to sell her family’s research, but she is unwilling. A note warns you not to follow.

Who is Lady Evelyn? What research? Where did she go? And, what to do about these handcuffs…

Easier than Emerald Alert.

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Tinfoil Tom's gone missing. He was the one filled with the crazy ideas, and now he's gone.

Vanished without a trace from a locked room with no windows. No evidence of a break in, no sign of a struggle. Maybe you can find out what happened?

Harder than Lady Evelyn's Paradox.

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