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Amanda Baxter has been an Occasional Teacher with Grand Erie since 2003 and has been active in the Local since 2008 serving in various roles from Social Justice and Equity/Status of Women Chair to Treasurer and is currently honoured to serve as your President, Chief Negotiator and Health and Safety Officer.  Amanda is a mother of four students in Grand Erie and continues to enjoy Occasional Teaching when not serving in her active roles in your Local.
Please contact Amanda if you have any Health and Safety Concerns, Professional Questions, Hiring questions or are in need of advice.



Vice-President, Professional Learning Chair and Collective Bargaining Committee Chair

Maryanne has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2012.  She assists the President as required, particularly working closely with her on collective bargaining.  
Please contact Maryanne if you have a cause you feel our Local should be involved in or to suggest future member engagement opportunities.

We also realize the importance of ongoing education, professional development and networking.  We are invested in providing our members resources to enable them to further their educational journey.  As such upon approval our members can receive funds to attend a conference or take an AQ course.   We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our members and delivers the support they need, when they need it.

If you have suggestions for Professional Learning this year, please contact Maryanne Goldsmith at



Treasurer, Constitutional Chair and Website Coordinator

Kevin Utley, is your Local ETFO Treasurer, Constitutional Chair and Website Coordinator. Before taking on these responsibilities, he served from 2011 to 2018 as the Local President, and on the Local Executive for the nine previous years as Chief Negotiator, Collective Bargaining Chair, Vice-President and as a Member at Large. Please contact Kevin with any questions you may have.

Shannon Stillman

                Member at Large

shannon laformecsordas.png

Claudia Guzman

Goodwill Chair

This chair is responsible for arranging venues and activities for the General Meetings and the Annual Meeting.  They also issue cards to members in special circumstances like bereavement, illness and marriage.   .



The secretary maintains accurate records of all meetings and correspondence of the Local, past and present.

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Kathleen Kaufman

Status of Women / Social Justice and Equity Chair

This chair keeps us current on all matters of social justice.  They also plan events and workshops specifically for our female members, in partnership with the Professional Learning Chair.


Political Action / Public relations

This chair keeps the Executive and membership apprised of all things political as they relate to Education.  Also they support and facilitate a positive public image, including both parents and our local communities.

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