ETFO Summer Academy 2021

ETFO's Summer Academy 2021 is here and registration is now open - courses will fill up very quickly!

Summer Academy 2021 will take place through virtual sessions on Zoom. Participants can join from anywhere with their computer and participate in two daily sessions throughout their three-day course. Please find the flyer attached for your convenience.

This year the program includes 40 practical courses facilitated by dynamic presenters. All courses are structured to meet the personal professional needs of members. A wide range of courses are available including literacy, mathematics, Kindergarten, technology, Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy, well-being and, a variety of other learning areas. This year there is a specific course to support occasional teacher members.

We look forward to an engaging and inspiring summer of professional learning with our members this July and August.

Please check out the Summer Academy 2021 website for registration details.

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Application Details for Reimbursement of Professional Resources

How to request funding for reimbursement of Professional Resourses.

GEDSBOT Funding Guidelines

Form 1 -Application for Reimbursement of Professional Resources



We realize the importance of ongoing education, professional development and networking.  We are invested in providing our members resources to enable them to further their educational journey.  As such upon approval our members can receive funds to attend a conference or take an AQ course.   We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our members and delivers the support they need, when they need it.

If you have any questions, or to submit your Forms, please email Learning Chair, Jonathan Cowper or President Amanda Baxter

How to request funding for professional development conferences.



We have a vast list of resources that are free for you to use.  Please contact our secretary and 'check' one out today.

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Equity work requires planning, commitment and continual reflection. It is multifaceted and, to be effective, involves “walking the talk”, changing the self as well as the world.
It is controversial. Equity work is about fundamental change, which is often vigorously resisted. Those who benefit from the way society is currently organized, or who are unaware of the pervasiveness of discrimination, or who are simply comfortable with the status quo, are often reluctant to contemplate new ways of doing things.
ETFO embraces the need for change and is committed to moving forward on equity and social justice. Members and staff will be supported by ETFO in the learning that is necessary to effect change.